Are you struggling with information overload?

We'll help you Level Up Your DeFi with a 2nd Brain System

DeFi 2nd brain brings all your research, notes, frameworks, and processes seamlessly together inside Notion.

Become more structured with a DeFi Operating System.

We promise you three outcomes:

  • Manage all your reading material, alpha, tasks, and research in one place.
  • 2x Your Potential by using proven strategies, frameworks, & tactics that elite researchers use to stay on top of Crypto.
  • Save hours each week in time spent organizing and researching.

Take control and improve your systems now so you can crush the next bull run.

What Others Are Saying About DeFi 2nd Brain

"In the fast-paced world of crypto, where (mis)information is abundant, being able to make informed rational and emotionless decisions is the most important element for success....

DeFi 2nd Brain is the most comprehensive implementation of such a solution, summarizing years of experience, wisdom and alpha into an actionable, easy-to-follow system.

If you want to stop relating to Coinfession stories and want to maximize your chances of making it, getting a copy of Defi 2nd Brain is probably one of the best risk-to-reward actions you can take!"


"Information overload is real. You can easily lose track of what you’re looking at, why you’re looking at it, and what actions you need to take next for an investment decision.

The DeFi 2nd brain makes this process easy. That’s what's mind blowing. Before I would be muddling my information and leaving me open to losing opportunities on trades, or even muddling them, that’s no longer the case. 

If you’re on the fence, just know, you can level up your DeFi game, productivity, and wins from the 2nd brain."


Are You Overwhelmed with DeFi?

When I entered DeFi in 2020, it was easy to keep up with DeFi. There weren’t as many protocols back then.

I could grab my morning coffee, read a few articles, scroll Crypto Twitter, and feel like I’d caught up for the rest of the day.

Everything changed once the bull market started in 2021. Things became so overwhelming that I felt like I was drowning in information.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • All my information was scattered everywhere. I keep my portfolio on one website. My trading logs would be on a spreadsheet. My saved articles would be in GetPocket. I was wasting so much brainpower keeping track of everything. 
  • It was hard for me to go to bed because I felt like I was missing a piece of news. There was always this anxiety when I had to open up Crypto Twitter.
  • I’d find some interesting projects, but they’d skyrocket in price by the time I had a chance to research.
  • I didn’t have an organized system for researching protocols. I’d read their white paper, website, and social media. But I didn’t have any criteria for research or scoring the protocol.
  • It’s hard to keep track of so many narratives and catalysts. There’s nothing more frustrating than identifying a gem and losing track of it. 
  • I didn’t have a schedule for each day. I woke up and pretty much doom-scrolled Crypto Twitter as my “research.”

What happens when you start falling behind on your DeFi research? You stop trusting your judgment. That’s why so many people follow the calls of other influencers and analysts (and end up getting rekt’ed).

And all the 10x opportunities are slipping through the crack.

The only way to thrive in this space is to do your own research.

I realized that I had a systems issue.

The human brain wasn’t designed to store information. It’s designed to process information and to think. That’s why it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information coming to us each day.

"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."


Systems provide leverage - leverage is how you increase your output while saving time.

a 2nd Brain System Can CompletelyChange Your Life

I’ve always been a productive person, but there’s one area that I’ve always been weak in…knowledge management.

I realized that 12+ hours a day of DeFi research wasn’t effective - I was a leaky bucket.

It doesn't matter how many hours you spend researching if can't retain the information or find your notes easily.

So I decided to step back and start from scratch. My search leds me to a deep rabbit hole of Tiago Forte’s 2nd Brain, Obsidian, Roam Research, and countless other methods.

It took me several months to wrap up my head around these systems. I studied how medical school students keep up with their studies. I took bits and pieces of how book authors would handle their notes.

And most importantly, I had to adapt them to DeFi. This was the most challenging part because DeFi’s so complicated.

But after a tough learning curve, the results started coming in.

Some things I implemented:

  • I created a central place where everything’s stored.
  • I formalized every single weapon I had in one place: Whale wallet trackers, Narrative trackers, my PPPF scoring framework, and more.
  • Easy Capture. Anytime I come across an article, thread, or video that I need to read, it’s easy to capture so I can read it later. 
  • Routines. I know what to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Some people work well going by their gut feeling and YOLO’ing it. I’m not one of those guys. I work best with formal systems and processes.

Anyone can get lucky with one or two trades. The key to long term success is repeatable systems.

I believe that if you take it seriously, and figure out how to sustainably improve your knowledge management systems, you'll have an unfair advantage over everyone else.

The Untold Truth about Success in Crypto

I'm sure you've heard people say that Crypto can be Player vs. player at times. It's essentially a competition where you have to know more than others, so you can be earlier than others. 

"Second-level thinkers know that, to achieve superior results, they have to have an edge in either information or analysis, or both."


The question can you realistically compete as a normal guy? I'm sure you see how everyone else is spending 12+ hours a day on Crypto Twitter.

How can you stay on top of your research while juggling your job, relationships, family and health? And do your best to avoid getting burned out?

Here's some good news: most people in this space aren't as productive. 12 hours a day of "research" is doomscrolling on Twitter and messing around in Discord.

You simply can't put more time in compared to everyone else. You need an "edge" to make the most out of your limited time.

You know that you be improving your research, but no one shows you how.

If you're interested in skipping the line to build your own system...

Get My DeFi Research System Handed to You on a Silver Platter

Introducing DeFi 2nd Brain

I’ve been the past 3 years building, refining, and battle-testing my research process.

I’ve noticed most people have no idea on how to begin researching DeFi. Which leads to them listening to others and getting rekt’ed in the process.

I’ve condensed my Notion systems into something streamlined. We’ve also added in tutorials on the research process and how to use it.

The DeFi 2nd Brain promise

When you join Building a Second Brain, we promise that you’ll…

Beat information overload.

You’ll reduce stress and anxiety by knowing what to keep and what to ignore.

Your best ideas will be preserved forever in a way you can easily find them again.

Organize your DeFi Research.

You’ll create a digital environment that promotes flow, clarity, and peace of mind so you can do your best work at any time. 

Make consistent progress on your most important projects.

Make consistent progress on your most important projects You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on the things most meaningful to you, whether that’s your family, a new creative challenge, or your career or business growth.

One Place for ALL your DeFi Research.

DeFi 2nd Brain lets you capture and organize all your research inside Notion – turning it into a truly all-in-one workspace.

You can quickly capture anything, save it, and organize it whenever you want.

The 2 most efficient methods for processing tasks and notes:

  • The P.A.R.A organization method made by Tiago Forte
  • and the GTD-style processing from David Allen

Both systems are built right into DeFi 2nd Brain.

It’s a superior, quicker, and streamlined research production system. Suited to your style.

Here’s How DeFi 2nd Brain Works:

Your Command Dashboard

This is your control center.

The Dashboard section lets you quickly view and access the most important databases in DeFi 2nd Brain.

This is where your day starts. It contains your routines and which gems you should be researching.

Capture Anything Instantly

Your second brain should make it easy and fast to capture anything, no matter where you are.

DeFi 2nd Brain does that.

The built-in Quick Capture table lets you capture tasks, new tokens on your watch, and trades at the click of your mouse. Nothing will slip through your fingers.

Everything is clean, minimalistic, and fast.

Keep Track of New Gems

The Discover section redefines your gem-hunting game.

Everything is interconnected to make you a consistent and efficient Gem Hunter.

No more jumping back and forth between numerous roadmaps and whitepapers. It’s all here, all in one place.

A Dedicated Space to Evaluate Protocols

It’s easy to fall into FOMO-driven decisions without doing proper research.

“It takes too much time”

“It’s too difficult”

The Evaluate Section eliminates any hassles during research – created to suit your personal investing style, with room for any changes you want.

We even added the PPPF Framework (The 5-step process to make reliable investment decisions) inside Notion. Streamlined and automated.

Clear away the Chaos (Automatically)

A second brain only works if you see it as a companion – one that you can rely on to keep the clutter to a minimum.

That’s the beauty of DeFi 2nd Brain. It comes with a smart Archive where anything can be sent.

Easily send anything you don’t need to the archive – it’ll stay out of your eyesight but safely stored in the Archive if you ever need it again.

Turn chaos into calm.

World-Class Tutorials

It’s dangerous to go alone! Fortunately, you won’t have to.

DeFi 2nd Brain includes top-notch tutorials to get all your issues sorted. (Don’t worry, we dive into the nitty-gritty – no room for basic fluff)

It includes:

  • Written guides for every part of the template

  • Frameworks & Methods breakdowns (Including a deep dive into the PPPF Evaluation framework)

  • A troubleshooting section with all the formulas we’ve added

But here’s the cherry on top. We don’t just provide solutions.

We empower you.

You’ll even find tutorials that show you how to build your own improvements.

Here's How People Are BenefitingFrom DeFi 2nd Brain

"Everything about the DeFi 2nd Brain is great; it really fits what I was looking for. The Resource Center blew my mind when I saw it; all the tools one needs are aggregated there. I had been trying to build something like that for myself, but I hadn't figured out a way to do it, and the 2nd Brain fits perfectly with it. 

Sometimes, I could get lost among all the information needed to track. I used to go through my analysis process project by project, and it did work for me.

However, I sometimes missed out on good narratives and catalysts, especially the latter, since I had to search in different places project Now, with the DeFi 2nd Brain, I don't have to keep scratching around between different files and platforms to find the information I need. It provides me with a one-stop shop for my research, allowing me to save several hours for each project I'm researching, all while not missing out on any good catalysts. 

When I consider whether it's worth it or not, I remember all the good trades I missed and the money I left on the table because I didn't have the information aggregated in one place. No more missed opportunities, combined with the time I'm saving while using the DeFi 2nd Brain, makes it a no-brainer for me."

Tiago Villela

"What are the best parts of DeFi 2nd Brain? 

The Investment tab in the Dashboard is a standout feature, offering a streamlined and intuitive interface. 
The Resource Center is also commendable for its functionality, serving its purpose effectively. 
The potential of the Discover page is evident, and the EXECUTE section offers a smooth experience, making strategy setup and trade execution seamless. 

What was one mind-blowing part of DeFi 2nd Brain? The integration of various tools and platforms into one cohesive system is impressive. The way DeFi 2nd Brain attempts to centralize and streamline the entire DeFi research process is genuinely innovative. How has your research leveled up with DeFi 2nd Brain, specifically?

DeFi 2nd Brain has provided a structured framework for my research. The tool's organization and categorization features, especially in the Investment and EXECUTE sections, have made tracking and managing my crypto journey easier. Despite its complexities, the Discover page offers a comprehensive way to delve deep into projects and narratives. 

Before DeFi 2nd Brain, I relied on a mix of disparate tools and manual tracking methods. Now, while still in its beta phase, I have a centralized platform that shows promise in consolidating my research and trading activities.  

DeFi 2nd Brain is a tool with immense potential. While it's still in its beta phase and has areas for improvement, its ambition to centralize and streamline the DeFi research process is evident. If you value a consolidated approach and are willing to go the extra mile in your research, this tool might be a game-changer for you."


Feel in control of every aspect of your Research.

DeFi 2nd Brain brings you 4 exclusive sections with over 25 dashboards to enable you to build a fully-customized DeFi research system in one place.

This is how DeFi 2nd Brain will make you stop feeling scattered.

No more jumping between different tabs and software for saving your research.

Here's what's included:

The Onboarding Guide

This is based off of my personal systems built over 3 years, and it can be intimidating.

Don't worry - You'll have a comprehensive roadmap guiding you from Level 1 to Level 4.

  • Level 1 - Essentials
  • Level 2 - The Gem Finder
  • Level 3 - Evaluation Master
  • Level 4 - Execution Master

You'll start with the basics, and slowly incorporate more dashboards as you improve your processes.

Main Dashboard

This is your control hub. Once I make my morning coffee, this is the first page I open. It gives me a structure for each day on what I should be doing.

  • Notes Inbox - Capture any ideas instantly. We've also incorporated David Allen's GTD system to keep your notes sharp and action-oriented – no fluff, just quick action.
  • Quick Capture - Any time when you need to capture something ASAP. We got you! Whether it’s tasks, tokens, or trades, you can snag it all with one click.
  • Workspace Summary - Inspired by Tiago Forte’s PARA method. This section is designed exclusively to keep you focused and slice through the clutter.
  • Watchlist - Any potential 100x gem you spot, drop it here. The cherry on top? Once you start digging into research for that token, the template automatically synchronizes with every other section. (A smooth sail for you)
  • Investment & Trading Summary - A quick view of your investments and trading strategies. No more spending time looking at your portfolio.

With a mouse click, you can capture anything you want. It’s all about efficiency. We do NOT build content-dump stuff. Our focus is to give you step-by-step systems.


Your action zone. Designed to get you organized and productive in no time.

  • Projects - Your short-term goals in Crypto. Where your daily routines, important tasks, and big projects come together. All streamlined and automated in one dashboard.
  • Areas - These are the skills you want to improve over time without disrupting your bigger priorities. Think like your secret training ground – steady growth and mastery.
  • Resources - Your ‘Content Treasury’ dashboard. Save anything you want with just one click – go through it later. It’s like having a vault for your brain. (I've thrown in my personal stash of daily-use crypto tools as a gift for you)
  • Archives - Anything you don't find relevant anymore, throw it here. Out of your sight but safely stored in case you need it in the future.

We took the finest organization system out there, the Tiago Forte PARA method, and fine-tuned it to fit YOUR crypto research needs.


'Discover' is all about finding gems. But not just one – we're handing you the exact framework for finding gems consistently.

  • Gem Radar - No more feeling late to the part. Identify potential 100x tokens effortlessly by focusing on the crucial aspects. You just need to fill it in.
  • Catalyst Calendar - Place the events, rumors, or plans that drive hype to a protocol. A catalyst is the spark that makes a narrative go BOOM!! This dashboard is your hype ignition dedicated tracker.
  • Narratives Tracker - Keep track of all new trends in the markets with the most dynamic and easy framework that exists. With a simple drag-and-drop, you can categorize each trend at your own pace.
  • Whale Wallets - A hub for Whale Wallet tracking. Divided by categories – Plus, I’m including my curated list of daily-tracked Whale Wallets (Talk about an edge!)
  • Venture Capital - A comprehensive list of the most profitable VCs and their investment moves. (As a special gift, I’ve already loaded it up with the best ones in the market)

This dashboard is your biggest ally to 10x your investments, repeatedly.


This is where you dig into the potential gems you uncovered in the Discover section. 

  • Quick Evaluation - Crypto moves fast! You need a system to make the first cut quickly. Think of it as the crypto speed dating – you've got 5 minutes before the next round. What questions should you ask to separate the winners from the losers? (Don't worry, I've included the questions I ask to help you navigate this section with precision)
  • PPPF Evaluation - Our best-performing framework for making reliable investment decisions – including a step-by-step guide on how to use it, ensuring you’re armed with precision.
  • Tokenomics Evaluation - Never spent hours evaluating Tokenomics again – including a “killer framework” designed to take all that complexity and streamline it into a structured evaluation. This dashboard will transform you into a true Tokenomics Overhauler.

It's easy to fall to FOMO if you don't have a proper system for actually doing the research.

As Scott Adams said, “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.


You’ve completed your research. Now its time to take action – in an organized and streamlined way.

  • Investment & Trading Accounts - It's crucial to keep your investment and trading capital separate, and not just randomly but according to your strategy and risk tolerance. The biggest mistake is to use a bluechip strategy for mooncoins or vice-versa. Say goodbye to costly mistakes once and for all!
  • Investment Portfolio - Your whole portfolio combined. Automatically, into a single view. Talk about efficiency! No more juggling multiple accounts and spreadsheets –  we're bringing it all under one roof.
  • Investment & Trading Log - Your personal record of everything you bought and sold. A single place for you to see investments and trades across a variety of DEXes and CEXes without driving you crazy – we've condensed it into one dashboard.

Scale your portfolio with 100% control. This dashboard will give you a full overview of your portfolio and what you can risk.


This is the place to routinely look back to dissect the “WHYs” and “HOWs” of your crypto journey.

  • Daily Journal - Nothing fancy – a quick and simple overview of your day, it'll take you 5 minutes (By the way, I’ve thrown in some thought-provoking questions. Trust me; its time well spent)
  • Weekly Review - A series of questions to complete every week. Through these questions you'll find valuable takeaways for the future. (To kickstart your reflection, I've included the questions I ask myself every week) 
  • Monthly Review - Zoom out to see how your month went. The best and worst trades are you greatest teachers,  and here is where you'll turn pain into life-changing lessons.

This is your space for reflection. Its where you write down your Crypto thesis and watch it evolve throughout the year. Think of it as an investment in yourself. You won’t regret it.


We created DeFi 2nd Brain with one goal – to function like your trusty map through the crypto jungle. We absolutely don't want it to be yet another maze for you to get lost in.

Here’s the help you get:

  • The Whole System in 1 Diagram - We created a flow chart that encapsulates the entire DeFi 2nd Brain. It’s like a bird’s eye view of how everything clicks together. (Everything is interconnected – nothing is scattered)
  • Tutorial Buttons - You don’t have to memorize the tutorials. We've made it simple – every section and database comes with its very own tutorial button. Give it a click, and boom – a side-view tutorial pops up right when you need it.
  • “I don’t know how to use Notion!”. I’ve been there. Don’t worry. We also included Notion’s official guides to help you nail down the basics. (Who knows, you might even become an accidental Notion expert along the way)

Basic stuff is not our thing. We dive into the nitty-gritty of every section and dashboard – we’ve included everything you need to learn the ins and outs of DeFi 2nd Brain.

In Addition to DeFi 2nd Brain, You're Also Getting Access to Exclusive Bonuses

Special Dashboards

Exclusive content we never shared before

Inside DeFi 2nd Brain, we've included some top-notch dashboards to already fill out the juice.

That way, you're not getting a blank template. Instead, you'll have quality information to make your wheel spin faster.

Here's what's included inside the dashboards:

Whale Wallet List

Inside your hub for Whale Wallet tracking, I've included my curated list of daily-tracked Whale Wallets (Talk about an edge!)

PPPF Evaluation

Our best-performing framework for making reliable investment decisions – with a step-by-step guide on how to use it, ensuring you’re armed with precision.

Venture Capital Dashboard

A comprehensive list of the most profitable VCs and their investment moves. We've done the work to identify the best ones in the market for you.

Monthly Reflections

In you personal reflection space, I’ve placed my personal questions here to fuel your inspiration and give you the first boost.

DeFi Tools

This is your master arsenal, packed with the most effective daily-use tools. From data crunching to personal management. Your go-to page for staying updated is just a click away.

Tokenomics Evaluation

Never spent hours evaluating Tokenomics again – we added a “killer framework” designed to structure Tokenomics Evaluation. This dashboard will transform you into a true Tokenomics Overhauler.

See What Others Have to Say About DeFi 2nd Brain

We’ve built this program over the past few months and done extensive beta testing.

Here’s what one of our early users have to say about DeFi 2nd Brain.

"I found DeFi 2nd Brain to be a good complement to my research. After an initial period of discomfort, mostly caused by being too lazy to look at the ample tutorials, it gave me the structure my investing desperately needed.

I'm now able to record things as I come across them and follow up. Earlier, I would get overwhelmed by the information overload in DeFi and drop the ball on interesting things."


Investing in Your DeFi Skills

No monthly fees or headaches. DeFi 2nd brain is a one-time purchase which gets you lifetime access to any future updates.

  • The DeFi 2nd Brain Notion Dashboard. The exact system I used to grow my portfolio to 7-figures. All in one place - Notion.
  • Tutorials and Examples. Every section has its dedicated tutorial to answer all your concerns.
  • Over 25 Exclusive Dashboards. A fully-customized DeFi Research system in one place.
  • [NO RISK GUARANTEE] 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • [LIFETIME ACCESS] to the template and tutorials.
  • [FREE UPDATES] You get any modifications we make to DeFi 2nd Brain 100% free.



An Unbeatable Guarantee:

Try DeFi 2nd Brain For 14 days,  100% Risk Free

We’ve packed a lot into DeFi 2nd Brain, and I want to ensure you have enough time to experience its full potential.

Try DeFi 2nd Brain for 14 days. If it doesn’t improve your research within that time, email me at for a full refund. No questions asked.

Most programs don't offer any guarantees. We do because:

1. We're confidence in the quality of the program.

Hundreds of hours went into studying this system, with inputs from the biggest gigabrains in DeFi. We’ve simplified and optimized everything tailored to YOUR needs. You won’t find these proven frameworks anywhere else.

2. Because it's the right thing to do.

If you're not happy then we don't want your money. The relationship and trust with you is far more valuable.

So try the program out and give it a test drive. All the risk is on us. 

Is DeFi 2nd Brain Right For You?

DeFi 2nd Brain is ideal for you if you want more granular control over your research and portfolio. 

However, it’s not meant for everyone. After all, if you try to make everyone happy, no one will.

Here’s who we designed DeFi 2nd Brain For.

DeFi 2nd Brain is for you if:

  • You’re tired of relying on other people’s analysis and want to create quality research on your own.
  • You’re willing to commit to Notion as a key part of your tech stack.
  • You value your time and want to improve your research efficiency.
  • You generally feel overwhelmed with your current research flow, and your watchlist gives you a major side-eye.
  • You’re looking for a SYSTEM, not random tactics.
  • You want structure. A system that streamlines and improves your workflow in the long run.
  • You understand that despite all the fanciest templates, you will still need to work to conduct research and customize your workspace to your needs.
  • You’re willing to be patient with yourself as you learn both a new tool and a new system. 

DeFi 2nd Brain isn’t for you if:

  • You’re looking for a magic bullet (a program that spits out the next 100x gem) that’ll get your portfolio to grow without any effort. There’s no secret. Put the work, do it consistently, and stack the deck in your favor.
  • If you already have a detailed framework for creating high-quality research daily, this program is probably not for you. DeFi 2nd Brain is a behind-the-scenes look at my personal toolkit for curation, templatization, execution, and reflection.
  • You have no interest in using Notion. This program is built-in Notion. We don't have versions for other software.
  • You’re looking for some “quick fix” for years of disorganized research and lack of good systems.
  • You expect your workspace to be perfect and don’t care about customizing your space.
  • You’re looking for Notion to behave exactly like all the other tools you’re used to.

You Got Questions. We Have Answers!

What’s a Notion template?

Notion is one of the most popular productivity software.

We’ve built our research system inside of Notion. Once you purchase the program, you’ll get a link to download it and easily install it into your own Notion space.

Do I need to be on a paid Notion plan to use DeFi 2nd Brain?

No! Everything in DeFi 2nd Brain will work perfectly fine on Notion’s free plan.

Can I use this system for software other than Notion?

This is designed to work for Notion. We don’t have a version for Roam Research, Obsidian, or any other software. You could always buy it and use it as inspiration to create your own version.

Can’t I create my own version of this and save the money?

100%. But I encourage you to ask yourself, at what costs?

It has taken me hundreds of hours to research the systems, implement them into Notion, and battle test them for the past 3 years.

Your time’s too valuable to build this system yourself. Invest in it and focus your time and energy to finding the next gems.

Can I make changes to DeFi 2nd Brain?

Yes! DeFi 2nd Brain is your Notion template as soon as it's inside your workspace. From then on, you can make any tweaks that you want.

Be aware that making big changes to the template may make it harder for you to integrate future updates.

I’m a Complete Newbie to Notion. Will you teach me how to use Notion from Scratch?

No. Notion has an amazing tutorial on how to use their program, and I can’t do a better job than them at explaining it. 

And Notion’s not a hard tool to figure out how to use. Our time’s better spent on adding value to the DeFi-specific pages.

What happens if 2nd Brain structure changes in the future?

You’ll get every update we make to DeFi 2nd Brain 100% free. However, you’ll need to copy it to your workspace (meaning that any update won’t automatically apply to your version of DeFi 2nd Brain).

Can I use DeFi 2nd Brain on my smartphone?

Yes! Since we built DeFi 2nd Brain on Notion, you can fully use its features on your smartphone.

Do you guys offer Customer Support for the product?

Sorry, but there’s no official customer support offered. We designed DeFi 2nd Brain to be self-guided and self-paced. We anticipate several thousand students in this program and don’t have the infrastructure to 1:1 support.

We’ve designed the program to be as simple as possible, and we have an extensive tutorial section so you don’t need support. We’ll also have a form to ask questions, make suggestions, and point out any issues with DeFi 2nd Brain.

Can I pay with crypto?

Of Course. We accept payments via Coinbase Commerce.

Are there any payment plans?

Sorry but we don’t offer any payment plans for this product.

How much experience should I have using DeFi 2nd Brain?

You don’t need much experience to benefit from DeFi 2nd Brain. You should understand what Ethereum is and feel comfortable doing a transaction. Keep in mind that we’ll offer a series of guides and videos to help you navigate the product & software (Notion)

Can I get an Invoice?

Absolutely. There are invoices generated automatically. However, if you need a custom one or one with more information, Just email us at

Can I use this to organize my personal life?

You’re free to modify the template to any way that you wish. I don’t recommend it.

I have a 2nd workspace dedicated 100% for my personal life, as that has an entirely different workflow.

Do you have any more questions or need help with anything?

We're here to support you! Just shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

One Final Note

If you're still reading, you're probably wondering "is this worth it?"

You might even be thinking..."Ok I could use something like this, but I could spend a few hours building my own systems."

I’m not saying that you can’t figure all of this out on your own. There are thousands of hours of videos out there teaching you how to do all of these things. But all those videos will take you thousands of hours to watch, and thousands of hours to implement.

Think about the cost. I'm sure you're smart, but it's easy to overthink and overoptimize. Once you have a solid foundation, it's easier for you to build on top of it. Whenever you're learning how to cook, it's easier to use someone else's recipe than to start over from scratch.
I'm offering you a way to skip the line. Time's more valuable than money. We've already done the hard work and thinking for ya.

So go spend your valuable time and energy on investing and learning about new protocols. Enjoy playing around with a system where everything's in one place. Enjoy following pre-built frameworks. 

And it can all start right here, right now.

It’s September 2023. The bitcoin halvening is coming next year. Grayscale just won their lawsuit against the SEC, and BTC ETF’s might get approved. And we’re coming to the tail end of the bear market.

You need to do everything you can right now to prepare for the bull market. Now’s the time to start setting up your systems so you can reap the rewards.

Investing In Your DeFi Skills

DeFi 2nd Brain Brain is a one-time purchase, which also gets you lifetime access to tutorials and program.

  • The DeFi 2nd Brain Notion Dashboard. The exact system I used to grow my portfolio to 7-figures. All in one place - Notion.
  • Tutorials and Examples. Every section has its dedicated tutorial to answer all your concerns.
  • Over 25 Exclusive Dashboards. A fully-customized DeFi Research system in one place.
  • [NO RISK GUARANTEE] 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • [LIFETIME ACCESS] to the template and tutorials.
  • [FREE UPDATES] You get any modifications we make to DeFi 2nd Brain 100% free.



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