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It can be overwhelming to stay on top of DeFi (especially if you have a full-time job or kids). Me and the research team spend hours each day on Crypto Twitter, Discords, and analyzing on chain data.

We're your Nerdy friend that keeps you up to date on everything. Use our obsession as your leverage.

The DeFi Edge PRO *Coming Soon*

We're building The DeFi Edge Pro for people like you. People who want to get an edge on Crypto without being glued to their laptops all day. People who may not have 12+ hours a day to research, but have the fire, motivation, and ambition to make it in the Crypto space.

That’s where we come in. We’ll give you our independent research, frameworks, and strategies to get to work right away – we'll help you level the playing field.

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What Others Are Saying About The DeFi Edge Newsletter

Hi, I'm Edgy!

I'm anon for privacy reasons, but I can share a little about myself.

2013: Bought my first Bitcoins, and lost it all in Mt.Gox exploit. Lesson: not your keys not your coins.

2017: I built a portfolio to 7-figures, but I lost 90% of it. I left the space for several years. Lesson: Take profits.

2020: I discovered DeFi in August 2020. I was hooked. Finally, there are useful products now instead of just white papers.

I spent 12+ hours a day obsessing over DeFi, and pretty much made every mistake in the book. I built a 7-figure portfolio, and kept it this time.

2022: In January, I started writing on Crypto Twitter. I went from 0 → 225,000 followers in less than a year.

2010 - 2020: Before DeFi, I owned several successful eCommerce companies.

My mission: Life's getting tougher each year. I want to help people achieve financial freedom through DeFi.