Hi, I'm Edgy.

I help you stay up to date on DeFi, and to become a better investor. I focus on objective analysis rather than shilling you the next 100x coin.

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How My Writing Can Help You:

  • You want to keep up with the latest DeFi news, but you don't have 12 hrs a day to go through Discord or Twitter.
  • You're interested in principles such as Profit Taking strategies, portfolio allocation, and cognitive biases. - not just which coins will go up 100x
  • You want to understand the risks involved with each investment.
  • You want to learn from someone that will share useful information and NOT dump coins on you.
  • You want unbiased information. I love ETH but I’m not an ETH maxi. 

What to Expect from Me

Every day, 50+ DeFi researchers are popping up on Twitter.

So, why should you listen to me? 


We go the extra mile. Everything I share is backed by the highest quality research by my team and me - we’re not rewriting YouTube videos. We go straight to the sources. I have the leverage to talk to protocol founders themselves to clarify certain things.


I’m in the trenches of investing and trading. There are quite a few people who just write about DeFi, but don’t have skin in the game. (*Cough* Journals who don’t own any Crypto.) I’m a Crypto investor first, and a writer second.


Integrity is my highest value. I’ve seen countless individuals make money by deceiving their audience. I’m playing a long-term game.


Multi-Disciplinary Thinking. “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Far too many people have a tunnel vision approach. They’re into technical analysis so they only view opportunities from that lens. I believe in being multi-disciplinary. Success requires looking at the fundamentals, analyzing the financial metrics, thinking about the game theory, and understanding your psychology.


Simplify. I see too many people doing “Gigabrain Mental Masturbation” where they go so deep in the weeds that no one understands what the hell they’re talking about. I’m all about understanding it, and deciphering it into a way that’s easy for you to understand.

Hi, I'm Edgy!

I'm anon for privacy reasons, but I can share a little about myself.

2013: Bought my first Bitcoins, and lost it all in Mt.Gox exploit. Lesson: not your keys not your coins.

2017: I built a portfolio to 7-figures, but I lost 90% of it. I left the space for several years. Lesson: Take profits.

2020: I discovered DeFi in August 2020. I was hooked. Finally, there are useful products now instead of just white papers.

I spent 12+ hours a day obsessing over DeFi, and pretty much made every mistake in the book. I built a 7-figure portfolio, and kept it this time.

2022: In January, I started writing on Crypto Twitter. I went from 0 → 225,000 followers in less than a year.

2009 - 2020: Before DeFi, I owned several brands in the eCommerce space.

My mission: Life's getting harder of the average person. I want to help people achieve financial freedom through DeFi.

Outside of DeFi I enjoy weightlifting, boxing, chess, and anime. I'm currently a Digital nomad traveling around Europe and Asia.

Other Interests

Here are some of my IRL interests outside of Crypto. Yes, I am a nerd.


I’ve visited 70+ countries so far. I’m currently a digital nomad traveling around Europe and Asia. My favorite countries to visit include Italy, Japan, Spain, and Thailand.

Bucket List: New Zealand, Kenya, Turkey, and Ireland.


I played a lot of Chess as a kid and watching Queen’s Gambit reignited my passion. Chess is one of the few games where there’s no luck involved. You can’t blame a bad beat or your teammates for losing.


I fell in love with anime by watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid. I love anime because it shows plots and themes that are usually outside the normal of Western culture.

My favorite anime include Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Vinland Saga, Stein’s Gate, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, and Death Note.


Picking up a set of weights transformed my lift as a Teenager. I learned that all good comes from hard work, consistency, and patience. Lifting weights and boxing serves as the anchor for my life.


Time is the most valuable asset we have. I’m obsessed with building systems, automation, and leverage to have more time. It sparks joy whenever I find a way to optimize a part of my life.

Video Games

I don’t play video games as much as I use to - DeFi has kinda become my new video game. But games were a huge part of my childhood growing up. 

Favorite Games: The Last of Us, Ocarina of Time, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Chrono Trigger, Overwatch 1, DOTA, God of War, Sekiro, and Tekken.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why’s your name Edgy?

I went by “The DeFi Edge” at first. But then I realized that I needed to separate myself and the brand as separate identities.

Everyone has an ironic nickname in my family. My 165cm cousin’s nickname is “bigfoot” and my chubby uncle’s nickname is “Slim.” I’m a pretty calm person (especially by Crypto Twitter standards), so I thought Edgy would be funny.

Can you mentor me?

As much as I want to help, it doesn’t make sense to mentor anyone 1 on 1. I can spend that time writing content online instead, which can reach thousands of people.

Do you offer any promos?

I have advertisements in my newsletter available for select advertisers. Visit my sponsorship page for more information. Every sponsorship is disclosed, and I have a high-quality bar for who I work with. I don’t do any sponsorship's for my Twitter.

We're looking to help fund and collaborate with a few select Protocols in seed rounds, angel deals, or KOL rounds. Please, contact us for more info.

Where can a newbie go to learn more about DeFi?

Check out Analysis Apprentice. My free course designed to help you evaluate any project. This is how you turn research into your unfair advantage. Understand how to identify and capitalize on trends.

How Can I Contact You?

The best way to contact us is via email - edgy@thedefiedge.com.

You can follow me on Twitter @TheDeFiEdge.

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