Empowering the Next Generation
of DeFi Protocols

The DeFi Edge Ventures is on a mission to help empower the next generation of DeFi protocols. We identify, invest, and help amplify DeFi Protocols that positively impact the Crypto space.

Why work with us?

The reality is "if you build it, they will come" doesn't work in Crypto.

Once you've built your protocol, you now have a different battle.

Attention is how you attract interest, liquidity, and users to your protocol. Unfortunately, Attention is the scarcest and most important resource in Crypto. Especially in the space that has bright shiny object syndrome. 

That's where we can help.

About Us: We've built one of the largest DeFi native audience in the space with over 280,000+ on X and over 25,000+ subscribers to our newsletter. Coinmarketcap nominated us as Influencer of the year in 2024. 

How We Can Help You: By working with us, you can get your protocol in front of the right audience. We don't "shill." We prefer writing educational content that helps people understand your protocol. That way they can become users. If this resonates with you then keep reading.

Examples: Struct Finance, Aperture Finance, EverClear 

Speaker at the Coinbase DeFi Lunch

Nominated by Coinmarketcap as Influencer of the Year 2024

How we can Help

Our partnerships are customized depending on the Protocol needs. For some we can offer funding, while others prefer distribution packages. 

For distribution, we offer a wide range of options such as newsletter deep dives, sponsored posts, Twitter threads, and organic tweet engagement.

Advisory. We are committed to providing support through advisory services, including marketing, beta testing products, and offering constructive feedback.

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