Frequently Asked Questions

Why’s your name Edgy?

I went by “The DeFi Edge” at first. But then I realized that I needed to separate myself and the brand as separate identities.

Everyone has an ironic nickname in my family. My 165cm cousin’s nickname is “bigfoot” and my chubby uncle’s nickname is “Slim.” I’m a pretty calm person (especially by Crypto Twitter standards), so I thought Edgy would be funny.

Can you mentor me?

As much as I want to help, it doesn’t make sense to mentor anyone 1 on 1. I can spend that time writing content online instead, which can reach thousands of people.

Do you offer any promos?

I have advertisements in my newsletter available for select advertisers. Visit my sponsorship page for more information.Every sponsorship is disclosed, and I have a high-quality bar for who I work with. I don’t do any sponsorships for my Twitter.

Where can a newbie go to learn more about DeFi?

Check out my list of resources

Got A Question For Us?

  1. If you want support for any products, you can send an email to support at

  2. Interested in Sponsoring or collaboration? Click here. 

    The best way to contact me is to send a public tweet to me on Twitter

    I don't really want to be contacted by anyone. There's a limited amount of time in the day.

    If I responded to everyone then I wouldn't have time to do research and focus on my passions.