Become a Better DeFi Investor - Today.

99% of my stuff is on the internet free of charge. But for a more structured approach, you might like to check The DeFi Edge Programs.

Those are the resources, skills, and step-by-step systems you need to speed up your DeFi learning curve by 100x – and become a profitable investor.

The Double Your DeFi Experience

Leverage 1000s of hours of experience and research packaged into 5 intense weeks of learning. If you’re new or experienced in DeFi, Double Your DeFi is designed for you. Our focus is to double your returns and turbocharge your growth.

Join other like-minded DeFi users in our strong community.

  • Discover new narratives and protocols before everyone else. Cut the noise to focus on what matters.
  • Understand the tools and frameworks to confidently evaluate any crypto protocol without relying on analysts or influencers.
  • Improve your decision-making and become a master of your portfolio and risk.

Join us!

The DeFi 2nd Brain

Feeling overwhelmed when trying to keep up with crypto space?

We've been there. It's super hard to keep up with a job, family, kids and still have time to conduct proper research. We can't compete with people that can spend 12+ hours doing research.

That's why I created DeFi 2nd Brain. A one place to bring ALL your research, notes, frameworks, and processes seamlessly together inside Notion.

Become more structured with a DeFi Operating System.

  • Save several hours each week in time spent researching protocols
  • Condense ALL your DeFi Research into a truly all-in-one workspace
  • Have a structured framework for your research. Organize everything with a mouse click
  • No more missed opportunities, no more overwhelming feeling

The Analysis Apprentice

If you don’t learn to analyze projects independently, You’re other people’s exit liquidity.

That’s why I created Analysis Apprentice. A free course designed to help you evaluate any project. You’ll be my Apprentice in learning the key factors contributing to a project’s success, with actionable exercises to apply the lessons immediately.

  • Research more efficiently, using less time
  • Start creating your system to evaluate protocols
  • Understand how to identify and capitalize on trends
  • Eliminate emotions from your decisions. Take your research to the next level

What Previous Students Have Said About Double Your DeFi

What Makes The DeFi Edge Different

Our education products are built different.

In an industry full of hype and moonboys, I’m known for having a more level-headed approach to space.

  • You're learning from someone in the trenches. Everything taught is from my own experience and mistakes.
  • Systems first approach. I don't encourage you to "ape in." Developing systems means you'll rely less on your emotions.
  • Multi-disciplinary thinking. We draw inspiration from a variety of sources.