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My Twitter Threads

These are threads that I’ve written over the years. Keep in mind that some threads may have outdated information.

TitleTopicTwitter URLDatehf:tax:topic
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Why Token Prices CrashFundamentals3/21/2022fundamentals
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Tokenomics 101Fundamentals4/6/2022fundamentals
20 Tips from Others to Survive the Bear MarketFundamentals5/24/2022fundamentals
22 Crypto Lessons Learned in 2022Fundamentals12/22/2022fundamentals
How to evaluate crypto protocols in 2023Fundamentals2/11/2023fundamentals
How to find the next 10x gems?Fundamentals2/25/2023fundamentals
21 must-know DeFiLlama featuresFundamentals3/16/2023fundamentals
Building Your Own Crypto MastermindMindset5/5/2022mindset
Cognitive Biases in CryptoMindset2/7/2022mindset
Decision FatigueMindset2/12/2022mindset
Trading Psychology 101Mindset7/2/2022mindset
Mental HealthMindset8/7/2022mindset
9 Common TrapsMindset8/16/2022mindset
Applying Poker Lessons to CryptoMindset2/18/2022mindset
Building Investing SystemsMindset3/14/2022mindset
Yearly Crypto ReflectionMindset12/29/2022mindset
Take more action (and unlock your full potential)Mindset1/17/2023mindset
Near Protocol 101Protocol Research4/21/2022protocol-research
Aurora Ecosystem 101Protocol Research4/28/2022protocol-research
Lessons From Terra Luna CollapseProtocol Research5/12/2022protocol-research
Breaking Down the Types of StablecoinsProtocol Research5/19/2022protocol-research
Safe Ways to Earn Ethereum YieldProtocol Research2/9/2022protocol-research
5 Gems on AVAXProtocol Research2/15/2022protocol-research
Real Yield 101Protocol Research8/12/2022protocol-research
Farming as a Service 101Protocol Research3/1/2022protocol-research
8 Book RecommendationsBusiness3/23/2022business
How to Get a Job in Web 3Business3/30/2022business
The DeFi Edge EndgameBusiness9/6/2022business
3 Business Models to Make MoneyBusiness3/18/2022business
How Crypto Influencers Make MoneyBusiness3/3/2022business
Three Arrow Capital ImplodesNews6/16/2022news
North Korean HackersNews7/7/2022news
Crypto Podcast RecommendationsOther6/25/2022other
10 Crypto Research ToolsOther7/23/2022other
The Most Common Mistakes in DeFiStrategy3/26/2022strategy
How to Manage Your RisksStrategy1/31/2022strategy
Bear Market StrategiesStrategy3/7/2022strategy
Evaluating Bear Market Winners & LosersStrategy6/4/2022strategy
Investing on a Small BudgetStrategy4/15/2022strategy
17 Different Investing StylesStrategy6/11/2022strategy
13 Narratives for 2023Strategy1/5/2023strategy
7 Moats you should look forStrategy1/12/2023strategy
Beauty Contests applied to CryptoStrategy1/26/2023strategy
2023 guide to RWAsFundamentals3/30/2023fundamentals
Understanding NarrativesStrategy4/10/2023strategy
0xSami Interview InsightsInterview5/22/2023interview
Fish Interview InsightsInterview5/28/2023interview

DeFi Skill Tree

1 (New to Crypto)BitcoinBitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash SystemSatoshi Nakamotobitcoin1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BitcoinIntroduction to Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin and Why Does it Matter?Andreas Antonopoulosbitcoin1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BitcoinWhy Bitcoin MattersMarc Andreessenbitcoin1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BitcoinBitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of MoneyMichael Saylorbitcoin1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BitcoinBitcoin for the open-minded skepticParadigmbitcoin1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainWhat is Blockchain? Blockchain Technology Explained Simply99Bitcoinsblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainGAS ExplainedFinematicsblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainWhat is a Crypto BridgeWhiteboard Cryptoblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainWhat is an NFT?OpenSea Blogblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainWhat is a Mining Pool?Whiteboard Cryptoblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainThe 51% AttackDakrad Feistblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)BlockchainWhat is the Metaverse?Binance Academyblockchain1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)Crypto SecurityCrypto Security 101TheDeFiEdge.comcrypto-security1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EconomicsHow the Economic Machine WorksRay Dalioeconomics1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EconomicsRaoul’s Macro MasterclassRaoul Paleconomics1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EthereumLearn about EthereumThe Ethereum Foundationethereum1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EthereumThe Ethereum MergeFinematicsethereum1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EthereumEther: The Triple Point AssetBanklessethereum1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)EthereumWhat is the EVM? (Ethereum Virtual Machine)Whiteboard Cryptoethereum1-new-to-crypto
2 (New to DeFi)BlockchainWhat is Proof of Stake?Consensys Blogblockchain2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)BlockchainWhat is Proof of Work?Whiteboard Cryptoblockchain2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is Yield Farming?Finematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
1 (New to Crypto)Smart ContractsCode is Law? Smart Contracts ExplainedFinematicssmart-contracts1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)Use CasesWeb3 Use Cases: The FutureNotboring.couse-cases1-new-to-crypto
1 (New to Crypto)Use CasesWeb3 Use Cases: TodayNotboring.couse-cases1-new-to-crypto
2 (New to DeFi)EconomicsAPY vs APR: What’s the difference?Binance Academyeconomics2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)EconomicsVenture Capital 101Angel Listeconomics2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)EconomicsWhat is ShortingThe Plain Bageleconomics2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat are Wrapped Tokens?Whiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsThe Great Curve WarsDeFi Educationdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat are veTokens?Banklessdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is a Stablecoin?Whiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsSlippage ExplainedCora Harrisondefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is Arbitrage Trading?Whiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsDeFi Metrics that matterMira Christantodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsForks ExplainedWhiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is an AirDrop?Whiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat are Automated Market Makers (AMM)?CoinMarketCapdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsLayer 1 ExplainedCryptomaticsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsDerivatives ExplainedFinematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsLending and Borrowing in DeFi ExplainedFinematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsA beginner’s guide to DAOsLinda Xiedefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsThe Scalability TrilemmaVitalik Buterindefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsLayer 0 ExplainedDynamo DeFidefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsHow do Liquidity Pools work?Finematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsEthereum Layer 2 Scaling ExplainedFinematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is GameFi and how does it work?Binance Academydefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsHow to DeFi: BeginnerCoingeckodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsStaking ExplainedWhiteboard Cryptodefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is a Launchpad?Max Maherdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsDeFi 2.0 ExplainedFinematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsWhat is Impermanent Loss in Crypto?Finematicsdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsAvalanche 101Whiteboard Cryptochains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsBinance Smart Chain 101Finematicschains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsNear 101TheDeFiEdge.comchains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsSolana 101Notboring.cochains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsPolygon 101Finematicschains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsAurora 101TheDeFiEdge.comchains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsArbitrum & Optimism 101Finematicschains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsCosmos 101TheDeFiEdge.comchains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ChainsFantom 101Whiteboard Cryptochains2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsLido FinanceMessariprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsAAVEFinematicsprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsYearn FinanceFinematicsprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsGMX FinanceDeFi_Cheetahprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsUniswapFinematicsprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsCurve FinanceWhiteboard Cryptoprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsFrax FinanceCeazor'sprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsSushiswapFinematicsprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsConvex Finance0xChaosprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsMakerDAOCoinDeskprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)ProtocolsGNS Financerektdiomedesprotocols2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)TokenomicsTokenomics 101: The Basics of Evaluating CryptocurrencyNat Eliasontokenomics2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)TokenomicsYou’re going to get wrecked if you don’t understand TokenomicsTheDeFiEdge.comtokenomics2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)WalletsHow to setup MetaMask with your Ledger NanoLedgerwallets2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)WalletsMetaMask Tutorial 2022MoneyZGwallets2-new-to-defi
3 (Intermediate)BlockchainMaking sense of Rollups Part 2Deribitblockchain3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)BlockchainExplaining Zero Knowledge Proofs to different agesWIREDblockchain3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)BlockchainMaking sense of Rollups Part 1Deribitblockchain3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)BlockchainOracles0xRusowskyblockchain3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsWhat are Algorithmic Stablecoins?Haseebdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsWhat is MEV?Paradigmdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsInsurance in DeFiLucius Fangdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsFlash Loans ExplainedFinematicsdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)TokenomicsValue AccrualVader Researchtokenomics3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)StrategySurviving a Bear MarketTheDeFiEdge.comstrategy3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)StrategyNavigating PvP Markets, Portfolio Theory, & Psychology with Darryl Wang (Wangarian)Wangarianstrategy3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)StrategyProbabilistic ThinkingCobiestrategy3-intermediate
4 (Advanced)Smart ContractsHow to read Smart Contracts?Swapsmart-contracts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsWhat is Data Availability?Yuan Han Lidefi-concepts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsOptions Markets in Crypto: Deep DivePolygondefi-concepts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsDelta Neutral StrategiesDeFi Investordefi-concepts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsHow to DeFi: AdvancedCoingeckodefi-concepts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsFunding Rates ArbitrageThe Calculator Guydefi-concepts4-advanced
4 (Advanced)StrategyHedging DeFi Strategies using Funding RatesThe Calculator Guystrategy4-advanced
4 (Advanced)StrategyWhale Watching IntroductionOnChain Wizardstrategy4-advanced
MiscStrategyDiscord GuideZenecastrategymisc
Profit SkillsDeFi ConceptsBuilding a Crypto PortfolioTheDeFiEdge.comdefi-conceptsprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyHow to Find Alpha on TwitterAylostrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyApplying Game Theory in CryptoCrypto Illuminatistrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyRisk Management 101TheDeFiEdge.comstrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyTrading the MetagameCobiestrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyInvesting vs TradingDeribitstrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsStrategyHow to do Your Own ResearchTheDeFiEdge.comstrategyprofit-skills
Profit SkillsMindsetThe Psychology of Human MisjudgementCharlie Mungermindsetprofit-skills
Profit SkillsMindsetBuilding Investing SystemsTheDeFiEdge.commindsetprofit-skills
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsHow ETH Withdrawal Work?Finematicsdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsWhat is LSD?Surfer Boydefi-concepts3-intermediate
4 (Advanced)DeFi ConceptsWhat is LSDfi?Thordefi-concepts4-advanced
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsWhat are zkEVMs?Shivanshudefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsWhat are RWAs?TheDeFiEdge.comdefi-concepts3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)DeFi ConceptsSoulbound TokensIgnasdefi-concepts3-intermediate
2 (New to DeFi)BlockchainHow to use Etherscan?Croissant ETHblockchain2-new-to-defi
2 (New to DeFi)DeFi ConceptsHow to use DeFiLlama?TheDeFiEdge.comdefi-concepts2-new-to-defi
3 (Intermediate)BlockchainDune GuideDeFi Mochiblockchain3-intermediate
3 (Intermediate)StrategyBarbell StrategyBanklessstrategy3-intermediate

Recommended DeFi Tools

The Tie Research HubspotA center place for all research about DeFi from The Tie.
GlassnodeBlockchain Data
EtherScanBlockchain Explorer for Ethereum
MessariCrypto Data
Rekt HQCrypto Exploit/Hack News
The Edge Job BoardCrypto Job Board
DeFiLlama Round-UpCrypto News
CoinGeckoCryptocurrency Prices and Charts
DeFillamaDeFi Dashboard
Dune AnalyticsDeFi Dashboard
Flipside CryptoDeFi Dashboard
Crypto FeesDeFi Fees
ZapperDeFi Portfolio Tracker
DebankDeFi Portfolio Tracker
Nansen PortfolioDeFi Portfolio Tracker
Trust WalletDeFi Wallet
MetamaskDeFi Wallet
CoinglassDerivatives Data
ArtemisDeveloper Activity
SantimentMarket Feeling
Fear & Greed IndexMarket Feeling
DeFiSafetyProtocol Safety
Rug DocProtocol Safety
DexscreenerReal time price charts
Revoke.cashRevoke ETH Contracts
CryptowatchToken Correlations
RiskDaoTrack Bad Debt of Lending Markets
Ultra Sound MoneyTrack Ethereum Burn Data
Token TerminalTrack Protocol Revenue
NansenTrack smart wallets
Staking RewardsTrack Staking Rewards
L2BeatTrack the State of ETH Layer 2s
VestLabTrack Token Unlocks
CoinOwlTrack Token Unlocks
DeFiLlama DEX AggregatorFind the best swap for your tokens.
Arkham IntelligenceOn-Chain dashboards and wallet analysis.

Recommended Books

The Most Important Thing
The keys to successful investment and the pitfalls that can destroy capital or ruin a …
More Money Than God
The inside story of hedge funds
The Price of Time: The Real Story of Interest
A deep understanding on interest rates & macro
When Money Dies
The economic disaster caused by the quantitative easing in Germany in 1923
AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future
How artificial intelligence will change the world
The Future is Faster Than You Think
How technology will change the way business and lives are conducted
Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order
The confluence of economic scenarios that leads empires to fail
Billion Dollar Whale
The billion-dollar fraud by Jho Low
Bad Blood
The history of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos
The Alchemy of Finance
The decision making process of one of the most profitable investors in the history
How to accelerate your growth by working smarter
Blue Ocean Strategy
Direct competition is detrimental. Understand how to be a unique and uncontested business
Turning the Flywheel
The key to business success by slowly gaining momentum until a breakthrough
How to run a business based on the Entrepreneurial Operating System
Good to Great
Understanding what makes companies successful. It’s useful to apply these frameworks when evaluating founders & …
7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy
Understanding “moats” in business
The Black Swan
Understanding the impact of unknown events
Understanding how some things benefit from bias
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Learn how to make better decisions by understanding our two thinking systems
The Art of Thinking Clearly
A guide to the most common cognitive biases
The Internet of Money
A series of talks about Bitcoin
Thinking in Bets
Better decision making when faced with uncertainty and imperfect information
The Psychology of Money
Lessons on money and wealth
Fooled by Randomness
Sometimes our success is due to luck and randomness, and it’s important not to confuse …
Frameworks for making better decisions

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a16z Team
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Techonology and Innovation
Cred and DonAlt
Roundup Crypto
Technical Analysis
Andrew Huberman
Huberman Labs
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Flywheel Podcast
Frax Ecosystem
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Delphi Podcast
Crypto News
Laura Shin
Unchained Podcast
Crypto Interviews
Dan Roberts, Stacy Elliot
Crypto Interviews
Camila Russo
The DeFiant
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Crypto Interviews
Jason Yanowitz, Santiago Santos
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Crypto Interviews
Crypto / Macroeconomics
Tim Ferris
Tim Ferris
Business Interview Podcast
Shaan Puri, Sam Parr
My First Million
12 years olds talking about business
Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, David Friedberg
A bunch of rich guys shooting the shit

Recommended YouTube Channels

NameYoutube Linkhf:tax:topic
Dynamo DeFi
Bob Loukas
Ceazor’s Snack Sandwich
Coin Bureau
Crypto Cred
Drake on Digital
Justin Bram
Miles Deutscher
Taiki Maeda
The Daily Gwei
The Defiant
Thor Hartvigsen
Whiteboard Crypto

Investing Principles

These are some of the investing principles that I’ve gathered over the years. Think of them as rules to follow to improve your odds of success.

Always take profitsWhen your investment doubles, take 1/2 off the table. Put it into BTC, ETH, or stablecoins. Let the rest ride.
Create a Thinking TimeSet aside time every week to think hard about problems and new ideas, review your journal notes and use that time to brainstorm and adjust your investing systems.
Create systemsSystems help you to achieve a goal. Whenever you want to buy a token, pre-determine when you want to buy it? when to take profits? when to risk off?
Develop Tunnel VisionDon’t focus on every sector in Crypto. It is impossible. Focus on one sector and be a master of it. For example, I only look at DeFi. I let my Kohais check other sectors, such as GameFi.
DiversifyYou need to diversify in Crypto. There are far too many tail risks such as exploits, hacks, and rug pulls.
Diversify your StablecoinsEach stablecoin has its own risks. Diversify them. For example, people that had all their stablecoins in $UST had its value wiped out.
Do your own researchUse educators and influencers as a way to find new projects. But never blindly trust their judgment because you don’t know their motivations.
Don’t fight the FedWhen USA prints money = good for Crypto. When USA tightens the interest rates, = bad for Crypto.
Don’t Ignore the FUDIt’s easy to become emotionally tied to your bags. If someone doesn’t like your project, don’t immediately dismiss it as FUD. It could be a valid criticism. For example, the “Lunatics” ignored all the criticism of LUNA and got wrecked as a community.
Don’t Revenge TradeLosing money is painful. One common reaction is to be angry and try to make it back. Oftentimes you end up worse off.
Don’t trust influencersIt’s profitable to be an influencer and educator. Assume that they’re looking out for themselves. Always view what they say with skepticism. Are they recommend a certain exchange because they actually believe it’s the best, or because they earn the highest commission fees?
Don’t try to catch a falling knifeA token can go -90% an infinite amount of times. Always evaluate the tail risks involved.
Don’t try to Time the MarketDon’t try to time the bottom when buying. Keep it simple by buying every month.
Don’t use leverage.Crypto is extremely volatile. Using it can amplify your losses. Play it safe.
Investment vs TradeInvestment = Long term. Trade = short term. Don’t confuse the two. Holding a high risk coin long term thinking it’s an investment could lead to you becoming a bag holder.
Let the gains come to youWhen everyone’s talking about a project, it’s probably too late to invest in it. It’s easy to get caught up in “FOMO” and become exit liquidity. Find good projects and invest in them early.
Never invest what you can’t afford to loseDon’t buy crypto with credit cards. Don’t cash out your retirement to invest in Crypto. Crypto is a speculative and volatile asset class.
Not your keys, not your coinsIf you don’t own the keys to your coins, you’re facing centralization risks. Look at what happened to BlockFi, Celsius, and Voyager customers in the Summer of 2022.
Practice Proper Bankroll ManagementThe rules you put in place to make sure you don’t go broke. You wouldn’t want to put 100% of your portfolio into a Degen coin for example. Read More:
Pre-define your RisksBefore entering a trade, decide how much money you’re willing to lose before you cut your losses.
See Crypto as a SkillsetYou improve through experience. If you lost money locked in FTX, don’t use CEX’s to store money again.
Test your thesisAlways use small amounts of money to understand how a protocol works, the practice will always beats the theory
The only “blue chips” are BTC and ETH for nowEveryone has a different definition of a blue-chip. Play it safe and only view BTC / ETH as a blue-chip. A token needs to go through several cycles.
Understand Market CyclesCrypto tends to move in bear/bull cycles since its existence. Be careful of people that tell you otherwise such as the “Super cycle” or the Stock2Flow model.
Understand the Meta GameWhat is the most profitable strategy right now? For example, real yield is on a hype today, and NFTs boomed in 2021. The most profitable strategy is figuring out the metagame and being early to it.
Understand the Source of the YieldIf the protocol doesn’t generate revenue, then the yield comes from token emissions and new entrants.
Understand Your Cognitive BiasesCognitive biases can cost you money. Read More:

Crypto Glossary

Crypto has a lot of slang and jargon. This can make it super confusing if you’re new. So we gathered up some common phrases and broke it down for ya.

AIStands for “Artificial Intelligence”
AlphaEarly and potentially valuable information that might generate a big upside in the future
AltcoinAny other cryptocurrency built after the launch of bitcoin (BTC).
AMMStands for “Automated Market Maker”. They’re used in DEXes as a trustless automated service that …
Angel InvestorStands for “Automated Market Maker”. They’re used in DEXes as a trustless automated service that …
AnonShort for anonymous. A way to address random people in Crypto since most are anonymous.
APIStands for “Application Programming Interface”
ATH / ATLStands for “All-Time High” and “All-Time Low”, respectively
Bag holderA person who holds a stock all the way to $0 despite signs along the …
Beacon ChainIt is the POS layer network from Ethereum
Bear / BeraSomeone who has low confidence in the market
Blockchain TrilemaIt refers to blockchains’ inherent challenge in designing a fully scalable, secure, and decentralized chain.
Blue ChipAn established, stable, and well recognized coin. In stocks, Google / Microsoft would be considered …
BUIDLDerivative of HODL, refers to focus on developing the product more then anything else
BullSomeone who has high confidence in the market
CDPStands for “Centralized Debt Position”. An agreement in which collateral is locked in a smart …
CeFiStands for “Centralized Finance”
CEXStands for “Centralized Exchange”.
Cold WalletA special type of hardware device that holds cryptocurrencies offline. There’s a huge variety. The …
CopeOvercome and deal with problems
CZChangpeng Zhao. The founder of Binance and one of the wealthiest men in Crypto.
DAOStands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations”. They’re like internet communities that self-organize around a specific niche.
DAPPStands for “Decentralized Application”. This term is used for all applications built in a blockchain, …
DCAStands for “Dollar Cost Averaging”
DeFiStands for “Decentralized Finance”
DEGENStands for “Degenerate”. Usually refers to people who take ultra risky behaviors in Crypto. Investing …
DEXStands for “Decentralized Exchange”. Some examples: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, etc.
Diamond handsSomeone who has a high-risk tolerance and can hold their portfolio through the most volatile …
Dutch AuctionA declining price format selling. The selling starts at a determined point and goes down …
DYORStands for “Do your own research”
EIPStands for “Ethereum Improvement Proposal”. It is how the Ethereum blockchain works through specific protocols.
ENSStands for “Ethereum Name Service”. It makes your blockchain address as name, for example, Edgy.eth.
FAStands for “Fundamental Analysis”
FaaSStands for “Farming As A Service”
FIATFiat are government issued currency. Like the US Dollar.
FMAStands for “First Mover Advantage”
FOMOStands for “Fear of missing out”
ForksA fork happens whenever a community makes a change to the blockchain’s protocol, or basic …
FrenA way to address strangers in Crypto.
FUDFear, Uncertainty, and doubt. It refers to skepticisms about a Cryptocurrency.
GASIt’s the computational effort to execute a specific operation. It requires a fee, that’s why …
GM / GNStands for “Good Morning” and “Good Night”, respectively
GWEIThe smallest Ethereum unit of value. Worth 0.0000000001 ETH
HASHIt’s the identity of a successful transaction. Like the address for a transaction.
HODLA rallying cry when there are dips. You encourage people to not sell by saying …
Hot WalletA software that holds cryptocurrencies online. That type of wallet is mostly used for fast …
ICOStands for “Initial Coin Offering”
IPOStands for “Initial Public Offering”
IRLStands for “In Real Life”
KYCStands for “Know Your Customer”. Ensures entities over certain information about their clients.
Layer 1Base layer blockchains (eg: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Solana, etc.)
Layer 2Blockchains built on top of layer 1 to solve some issues as costs of using, …
LFGStands for “Lets Fucking Go”
LoopLoop means Leveraged Lending. You deposit collateral to a pool X, then borrow from the …
LPStands for “Liquidity Pool”
LSDStands for “Liquid Staking Derivatives”. Assets that represent a tradeable and liquid receipt for your …
McDonaldsWhen there’s a bad market or someone gets rekt, you say you’re applying to McDonalds …
MempoolIt is where nodes keep track of transcation that have not been confirmed yet
MEVStands for “Maximal Extractable Value”
Moon / pumpingWhen a coin has a strong upward trajectory
NFAStands for “Not Financial Advice”
NFTStands for “Non-Fungible Token”
NGMIStands for “Not gonna make it”. You use it to describe someone who’s dumb or …
NormieSomeone that doesn’t own any cryptocurrency.
P2EStands for “Play-To-Earn”
P2PStands for “Peer-to-Peer”
Paper handsA trader who lacks conviction in their investments. They sell at the first sign of …
POAPStands for “Proof of Attendance Protocol”
PORStands for “Proof-of-Reserves”
POSStands for “Proof-of-Stake”
POWStands for “Proof-of-Work”
Private KeySeries of numbers that is basically the password to your digital assets. Never share.
Probably NothingIronic to actually mean “Probably Something.” When there’s news that affects things, you end with …
Public KeySeries of numbers that, when used in conjunction with your private key can validade and …
Pump & DumpWhen people promote a project to their audience, and then secretly sell the project for …
RektDescribes someone experiencing a severe financial loss.
RoadmapIt’s the plan for short and long term goals of a company, with a estimated …
ROIStands for “Return On Investment”
Rug Pull / RuggedWhen the founders of a project scam its users. The rug got pulled from under …
RWAStands for “Real World Assets”.
SAFUStands for “Secure Asset Fund for Users”
SatoshiReference to the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. People also use to refer to …
SBFSam Bankman Fried. The criminal founder of FTX.
SerUsed in place of Sir. It’s supposed to be gender-neutral. A combination of Sir / …
ShillTo promote a project.
ShitcoinA coin with no value or purpose
StablecoinIt is a cryptocurrency that maintains a stable value over time. They are generally correlated …
The DipMeans the lowest point of a cryptocurrency
The FlippeningThe belief that Ethereum’s marketcap will surpass Bitcoin’s marketcap
The MergeWhen Ethereum fully transitions to Proof of Stake.
TPSStands for “Transactions Per Second”
TXIDStands for “Transaction ID”. It is the label for each transaction in the blockchain
UI / UXStands for “User Interface” and “User Experience” respectively
VCStands for “Venture Capital”
veTokensStands for “Voter Escrowed Tokens”. It serves for governance rights in crypto.
WAGMIStands for “We’re all going to make it”
WhaleSomeone who owns a ton of Cryptocurrency and can move the markets. IMO, a wallet …
WhitelistA list of allowed individuals/entities in relation to a service or event.
ZK ProofStands for “Zero-Knowledge Proof”
ZK-SnarksStands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”. It’s another approach to ZK Proofs